Restaurant in Kortrijk

About us
Dirkjan and Hilde run this small restaurant. Chef Dirkjan loves pure and original flavours. He loves to work with wild farmers who respect the product and nature. This results in excellent product quality.

Hostess Hilde, likes to combine the chef’s dishes with natural and biological wines from small wine estates, mainly from Europe. This meets the philosophy and pure kitchen of Dirkjan.

So, a visit to Taste and Colours is full of flavours and yummy surprises!

No choice overload here! We propose our menu "Taste", which is a one single menu, based on the seasons, market offer and the inspiration of the chef.

Menu "Taste" consists of various starters, 3 dishes which are a mix of vegetables, fish/seafood and meat, followed by 1 dessert 
70 EUR from Tuesday to Thursday dinner,  Friday lunch time.

Menu "Taste & Colours" consists of various starters, 4 dishes which are a mix of vegetables, fish/seafood and meat, followed by 1 dessert
85 EUR on Friday and Saturday evening.

We take into account allergies as long as they are not a significant change in the menu. For this reason, we do not offer vegan.

Lactose intolerance: our cuisine is very pure and light. Therefore, we do not serve lactose-free.
In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Unfortunately we can not serve fully vegetarian or fully meat. Fish and seafood are not a problem.

Any changes to the menu which haven' t been communicated beforehand will be charged at 25 euro per person.

Groeningelaan 22
B-8500 Kortrijk

+32 56 40 40 40